May 21 - June 20


The Inquisitive Travellr

The Inquisitive Travellr

There’s something intriguing to you about indulging yourself in different cultures the world has to over. You are easily infatuated and smitten with the opportunity to find out about a destination foreign to you. Coupled with your adaptable nature, living in a homestay and mingling with the locals is the ideal trip experience for you.

With an inquisitive spirit and inclination to savouring experiences the world has to offer, you’ll often find yourself taking the chance to initiate conversations with locals on the street, or in bars on nights out.

Known for your differing personalities, sometimes Geminis are also down for the occasional short trips out of town with whoever’s available, considering you are what they call a social butterfly.


Anywhr’s Suggestions

Trip Theme: Experience
Region: Choose the region you live in!
Accommodation: Homestay
Activities: Mingling with Locals, Visiting Historical Sites, Eating a Home-cooked Meal in a Local’s Home

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