Get Ready For Your Journey Anywhr With Carousell!


As a bespoke travel curator, Anywhr takes the planning off your hands when you book a trip with us. All you have to do is fill up the preference form for us to get to know you, and our travel curators will get to work on your personally customised trip!

There's one thing we can't do for you though: packing your luggage! We do send you a Teaser e-mail three days after your booking that contains what you can look forward to on your trip. From the weather to a rough idea of the activities and your recommended packing list, this e-mail acts as your personalised packing guide for your Anywhr trip!


But even with a travel checklist of things to pack, procrastination might ensue and you could be scrambling to pack for your trip the night before. Sometimes that makes it hard for us to find some more expensive items on our packing list at the last minute.

But thanks to Carousell, shopping for items on your Anywhr packing list can be easier now!

A classifieds marketplace, Carousell allows you to buy and sell your items (brand new or used) to other members in the community. From apparel to even jobs and housing, Carousell truly has listings for almost everything. Buying a product on Carousell is simple and intuitive: it all starts with a simple chat! 

Source: Carousell

Source: Carousell

One big perk of Carousell would be because of its low prices and cheap deals that can be found in the application’s marketplace. Carousell boasts a wide array of brand new, second-hand and even vintage apparel at a lower price. This means cheaper travel equipment for you travellers! 

Stay fashionable on your getaway Anywhr with the various brands that sellers have available in the Carousell marketplace. A $40 dress you were eyeing from the original store might only cost $20 on Carousell.

Source: Anywhr Travellrs Fiona and Edwin

Source: Anywhr Travellrs Fiona and Edwin

Even if fashion isn’t your thing, you could get other kinds of your apparel for your travels. For instance, if you’re going for an adventure and anticipate hiking, get a pair of hiking boots for your trip through Carousell. A brand new pair of hiking boots might set you back by around $100 if you get them brand new. With Carousell, you could get a pair of lightly used hiking boots at a cheaper price, with some shoes at prices as low as $40!

These good deals and cheap prices are a good option for your travel essentials, especially if you’re only going to use them a couple of times for the missions we provide in our personalised Travelogue just for you.

Hence, Anywhr has partnered with Carousell to share some items we believe are important to have on your travel checklist, no matter the destination!

Source: Unsplash

Source: Unsplash

Travel Adapters

Travel Adapters are a travel must-have, especially when travelling Anywhr, where you only find out about your destination at the airport. Getting a Universal adapter is the best choice for your Anywhr trips. Get them for as low as $8 on Carousell

Portable charger 

Exploring a new destination always demands for so many logistics: a map for navigation, a camera for capturing the sights, a translator for when you want to talk to locals and experience local culture. Thanks to technology, we can have everything you need in one compact device: your phone! A portable charger will ensure that you don’t end up stranded with no form of contact or navigation!

Source: Unsplash

Source: Unsplash

Toiletries Bag

Before travelling, be sure to check that your liquids do not exceed the usual 100ml limit! Stay organised by scoring a toiletries bag and avoid having to unpack your whole bag just to find a bottle of shampoo. Plus, these bags are reusable and much more environmentally friendly than the regular Ziplock bags you throw away after every trip! 


No matter how cold the weather, the sun will never stop shining! UV rays can still harm your skin even if you don’t feel it. If you’re on a getaway soaking up Vitamin D, all the more you should make sure you’re applying sunblock! With Carousell, you can get brand-new cosmetics at a cheaper price, so feel free to look through the multiple listings available.

Source: Anywhr Travellrs Theodora and Cherie

Source: Anywhr Travellrs Theodora and Cherie

For Anywhr Travellrs, Carousell is a great way to share your travel essentials as well! If you’ve bought equipment that you only used lightly on your Anywhr adventures, list them on Carousell! These pre-loved travel items might end up in the hands of someone preparing for their Anywhr journey!

Source: Carousell

Source: Carousell

Carousell is currently having a List-and-Win contest with us, where you can stand a chance to win an exclusive Anywhr voucher worth $210! 

Here’s all you have to do: 

  1. List your pre-loved items on Carousell and hashtag #AnywhrCarousell

  2. Search #AnywhrCarousell for Carousell’s Giveaway Listing

  3. Comment what is your Travel Essential on the Giveaway Listing

What are you waiting for? Start selling now and maybe you could score some vouchers for your next customised and personalised Anywhr trip!