Personalise your holiday with travel curation service Anywhr. The journey starts at the airport.

What if we told you that your destination has no bearing in having an amazing vacation? Picture this: You want to travel to a place you’ve never been to before. Typically, you would turn to Google, social media, or fall back on word of mouth. It’s a reasonable enough solution, but you wind up being hampered by your search terms, and your circle of friends.

Because it’s not always the places you see that call back the most visceral of memories. It’s an amazing hot chocolate you had at a neighbourhood café. The new friend you made on that two hour long train journey. Or running frantically to catch a connecting bus. Anywhr, a travel startup from Singapore, wants to strip travel down to the bare essentials of what you feel and what you discover. A travel curation service, they send customers to an unknown destination based on their stated preferences, dates and budget. It’s personalised planning from finding the perfect destination, booking flights, a quality accommodation you’ll love, and even a one-of-a-kind Travelogue with recommendations catered to your needs. All you need to do is turn up at the airport.

Since its launch two years ago, Anywhr has built up a strong customer base in Southeast Asia, sending thousands of travellers abroad (search #goanywhr on Instagram and see thousands of tagged consumer posts). It has also recently raised a round of seed funding and is supported by industry partners such as the Singapore Tourism Board, who is part of their Advisory Committee. After accumulating two years of know-how and customer feedback, they are now taking the service global.

Anywhr Surprise Travel Holiday Planner

Discover new places

“Many people don’t know how to search for new places, because they don’t know that a certain spot even exists.” – Felix Tan, Co-founder of Anywhr

Europe is more than just Paris, and Asia is more than just Bali. Anywhr wants to put lesser known destinations on your map, like the province Antique in the Philippines or Bohemian Switzerland in Czech Republic. Google is vast and you may not be sure about what you’re looking for, so put the trust in those who know.

When booking your Anywhr trip, you have the option of selecting a continent that you’re keen on exploring, and let the team go through the selection process for you. The Anywhr team is made up of curators who are up to date with travel research, and local partners around the world who visit locations and validate them in terms of safety and accessibility. Want to stay in a treehouse in Southeast Asia? They can make it happen, and they have. The world of undiscovered gems is your oyster.

Discover new experiences

“We have become planning experts. We understand the traveller, and we understand the destination. Then we find the perfect match.” – Zelia Leong, Co-founder of Anywhr

Choose from four types of vacations: Getaway (a seaside jaunt), Adventure (the great outdoors), Experience (living like a local) or Wildcard (anything goes). The site is built for you to mix and match your preferences for the ultimate personalised experience. Choose between budget and economy flights, the type of accommodation (hostel, homestay or hotel) and even the type of room you wish to stay in. But rest easy because even with budget picks, your accommodation will have been through quality checks.


The Anywhr traveller isn’t cookie cutter, with users ranging from solo adventurers to three-generational holiday goers. To narrow the field for the curators, all travellers also fill out a preference form for the team to get a sense of your travel persona. Are you outgoing? Not keen on crowds? Lover of nature? There is also an open column to for travellers to share what kind of trip they wish to have, which run the gamut from healing from a break up, or celebrating their honeymoon. Think of your travel curator as the ideal matchmaker who gets what you’re looking for.

Discover yourself

“You just need the assurance that it will be a good trip. What you make of it is more important than the location.” – Zelia Leong

They say you find yourself when you travel. Anywhr settles the hassle of booking flights and accommodation, and they suggest activities in a personalised travelogue given to you prior to your flight (no two are identical, because no two travel requests are the same), but they do not plan daily itineraries. Your travel experience becomes one with no expectations, and the traveller has the freedom of speaking to locals and the spontaneity of deciding what to do on the day itself.

The Anywhr community page is filled with stories about travellers who weren’t just surprised by the destination, but they surprised themselves by what they achieved. Case in point: a solo traveller discovering the beauty of small towns in Taiwan, a place she confessed she would never have travelled to on her own accord because she could not speak the language. An unknown location isn’t for novelty’s sake – it’s to empower travellers. Once the perfect destination is nailed, it’s your cue to explore and experience with no limitations. Because it’s what you make of a holiday that transforms the experience.

Learn more on how Anywhr works here.