Surprise Travel Planning Site Anywhr Launches in Hong Kong!

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SINGAPORE - 21 September 2018 - Hong Kong, get ready for the adventure of a lifetime: surprise travel curator Anywhr ( has now launched in your city. The Singapore-based platform plans offbeat travel experiences at little-known destinations based on your preferences, all while settling your flights and accommodation so you can explore without any hassle. The location and details of this tailor-made trip are put together, sealed, and sent to the traveller, only to be unveiled as a surprise right before the scheduled flight.

Introducing a new way to travel.

Travellers ache for raw and authentic encounters abroad, but busy schedules leave them too uninspired to venture beyond the beaten path. With more than thousands of travellers to its name, Anywhr has proved to reignite the spark by sending unsuspecting users to the most unique places from its rich database of uncharted cities. On Anywhr’s easy-to-use site, users simply input their travel history, preferred dates, personal specifications and budget, leaving the work to its trip curators. These well-travelled specialists pick a suitable spot on the map and ensure all bookings line up with your needs, without once spoiling the surprise until the day of departure. In the meantime, a teaser email is delivered to ensure you pack for the right weather condition and activities.

Itineraries are out of the equation - like a choose-your-own-adventure book, travellers have the liberty of interacting with locals to craft their own travel game plan. To help navigate in foreign lands, they are handed pocket-sized travelogues personalised with the necessary booking details, locally-recommended activities and food, as well as crucial information like maps and emergency hotlines to provide utmost safety and assurance, even when they are offline.  

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A Service for Everyone.

Unconventional travel with Anywhr has no limits, even on age. Teoh Yuan Hao embarked on an Anywhr trip with his wife and 13 month old baby, and went on a different kind of family vacation with no regrets. “You will try something you won't do in a planned trip and live like a local - there [aren’t many] tourists there… the main idea is to ask from locals,” Teoh states. “Overall, we felt it was a wonderful trip.”

The site is also a hit with those going solo, like 28-year-old traveller Belinda, who received the surprise of a lifetime when Anywhr sent her to an island paradise along the Mediterranean. The Hong Kong native was initially concerned about traversing lesser-known locations as a lone female, but her fears were unfounded. “It [was] absolutely amazing,” she said about her soul-searching trip. “I had no idea idea that going on a spontaneous trip could be so relaxed!”  

Anywhr Surprise Travel Founders

The Story Behind Anywhr.

Anywhr was founded in 2017 by two former Rocket Internet executives - Head of Marketing Zelia Leong and Head of Operations Felix Tan. Inspired by her own journeys and three years of experience in the luxury hospitality scene, Zelia hatched the company from a revelation that stepping out of comfort zones led to the most enriching experiences. “Predictable, touristy travel packages no longer cut it for the modern explorer,” Zelia says. “With Anywhr, travellers will initially feel afraid and uncomfortable to take that leap, yet excited to start their journey. Most importantly, they’ll be filled with a restless abandon that empowers them to continue seeking such experiences in time to come.”

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