Anywhr Campus Ambassador Programme for Universities

Anywhr Campus Ambassador Programme
Anywhr Travellrs

Anywhr is your bespoke travel curator, and we create personalised journeys just for you. Since 2017, we have brought thousands of Travellrs to less-travelled destinations across three continents.

But we believe we can do so much more.

We are looking for motivated and outgoing university students to join us as Campus Ambassadors and share our love for travelling with their peers, encouraging them to discover new destinations with Anywhr. In return, Campus Ambassadors receive cash rewards, discounted trips and internship opportunities in our travel startup.

What are you waiting for?


Share your experience

Share your experience

Share your Anywhr journey with your friends via social media while you discover your destination, uncover local gems and complete your missions.

Invite your friends

Invite your friends

Encourage your friends to #GOANYWHR using your unique referral code. They will receive $88 off their booking and you can earn up to $150 in cash!

Create excitement

Create excitement

Seek new opportunities for Anywhr to expand within your campus and attend events to increase brand awareness and excitement amongst your peers.



Cash rewards of up to $150 per booking

Receive cash when someone makes a booking with your referral code based on the rewards system:

  • Earn $20 for each $550 booking

  • Earn $50 for each $700 booking

  • Earn $100 for each $1,000 booking

  • Earn $150 for each $1,500 booking

Discounted trips

20% off Anywhr trips for you

We know you love travelling and we want to help you make it happen. Go on a journey with Anywhr (by yourself or with your friends - it’s your choice!), share your experience with your friends on Instagram and receive a 20% cash rebate when you are back!


Earn extra rewards at our events

Receive additional rewards when you help out at our outreach events and spread awareness within your campus.


Priority for internship positions

Our interns have opportunities to attend TEDx Talks and start-up conferences and to travel with the team on company trips!

I was entrusted with major responsibilities, such as managing the budget for paid advertisements. It’s a huge opportunity for an intern! The team is also very open to new ideas which gives me the freedom to start my own initiatives.
— Tan Jaz-Ley, Digital Marketing Intern


Anywhr team

We are a young and diverse team who is set on changing the way people live through travel. Join us on this journey and sign up today!