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Anywhr: Discover Journeys, Not Destinations

In the past year since our launch, Anywhr has grown into a movement that’s bigger than just the service it provides. By crafting trips that cater to your preferences, we’re the hand you hold as you close your eyes and jump into a journey of discovery. Through this intimate channel, Zelia (Co-founder of Anywhr) shares the origins of the Anywhr story, and why you should rethink the purpose of your travel journeys.

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10 Reasons Why Singaporeans Shouldn’t Travel Around Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is home to sunny Singapore and the region has been a hotspot for travellers coming in from different parts of the globe. Despite its tremendous popularity, Anywhr understands that we are all different, and this means each traveller has his or her own preference when it comes to envisioning their perfect vacation. Bearing this mind, this region might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

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The Self-Care Bucket List for Tired Souls

“I’m always so busy but I don’t know what it is I’m doing.”

If you’re heard that one before (or if you’re the one saying it), then you must know how certain days can feel like a complete whirlwind. The weekend comes and all you want to do is lie under the bedsheets and pretend Monday isn’t around the corner, or scour the internet for travel deals so you can escape your life for a bit.

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13 Reasons Why You SHOULD NOT Go On Your First Anywhr Trip

You may have seen photos of your friends opening that brown envelope from Anywhr at the airport for their short weekend getaway from Singapore or exotic destinations off the beaten track. You might have even, at some point of time, wondered, perhaps you could be the one taking that leap of faith, to go on a surprise trip?

*Thumbnail image credit: Facebook - Janene, Blog - Elaine

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5 Ways Every Anxious Solo Traveller Can Spend Your Time Abroad

If you’re a first time solo traveller, it can be an anxiety-ridden experience. Before you take the plunge into seclusion in the mountains, try these options to ensure you have ample human connection while still allowing yourself some alone-time. Here are 5 things every anxious solo traveller can do to take the edge off.

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