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#TravellrStories: Abdullah Gets a Taste of Solo Adventures in Europe

Anywhr Travellr Abdullah takes himself to dinner while on a solo experiential trip in Europe. By discovering how to enjoy his own company, he succeeded in letting go and going with the flow on his vacation. Read all about his travel adventures, from trying out traditional food, mingling with the locals and taking on our personalised Missions!

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Destination X: How The Kindness of Strangers Breaks You Out of Loneliness

“It was tough travelling alone to a country that doesn’t speak your language. My airbnb host’s family took care of the place while he lived in the city. His parents barely spoke any English, but they still made sure I was okay.. In short, they cared for me.” Anywhr traveller, Georgia, opens up about her leap into the unknown after her break up, and finding comfort in the unexpected.

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