Anywhr: Discover Journeys, Not Destinations

In 2015, I bought a one-way ticket to the furthest place from home, and found myself on the most beautiful train ride in the world.

Cruising at super-speed through the towering mountains and majestic valleys of Flåm, my breath was taken in a long, grateful sigh. Then it struck me: if things in Sweden had gone as planned, if I didn’t make small talk with that sweet elderly Norwegian couple at a homestay, I would never have found myself amidst this beauty. And thus it began, my life-changing solo adventure around Europe - with no plans except taking the next bus, train, or flight to anywhere else.

Credit: Zelia

Credit: Zelia

After a year filled with uncertainties, and finding growth in uncomfortable moments of solitude, my perspective on the world and myself was forever altered. I could tell you about the historic landmarks and exotic new foods that most would want to cross off their bucket lists, but these aren’t the stories and memories I find myself looking back on today. Driving along the Arctic Circle at 3am with only the Midnight Sun and herds of reindeer as company, finding great friends deep in the forests of Lviv, hiking the Otterness trail with fellow travellers from the hostel - these spontaneous encounters, which I’d never even dreamt of having, were what made my trip.

Source: Zelia

Source: Zelia

Because in the end, what we’re really looking for isn’t to cross landmarks off our bucket lists. It’s to make real connections, discover ourselves, and understand more of the world - no matter the destination. And here began the heart of what we do: to discover journeys anywhere.

Redefining Travel.

What does travel mean to you? Going overseas has been made so easy for the leisure traveller, that it’s become a mere excuse to take a break from our cycles. You’ve been here, seen this and done that; but what does it all mean?

Source: Zelia

Source: Zelia

Comfort zones keep us safe, but all sun and no rain make a desert. After all, we possess a fundamental desire to know and understand. Not just about the world around us, but even within ourselves. And sometimes, the best way to do that is to go off the beaten path, and savour every experience and connection the world has to offer.

That’s what Anywhr is about. We give you a way to embrace the joy of discovery, without always knowing what’s next. To delve into the raw and authentic, and immerse in local culture - in short, to live. And sometimes, to truly live takes a leap of faith.

Traveling means so much more than just visiting destinations. To us, it means going on adventures only you can call your own.

Your Journeys, Our Purpose.

Anywhr Surprise Trip Founders Zelia and Felix

When Felix and I first started Anywhr, we were excited to shake things up. But more than anything, we were anxious. Surprise travel to uncharted places? Can’t believe we are doing this! It was our very own journey of discovery, a leap of faith into the unknown.

More than a thousand travellers later, we’re still in awe at your belief in our vision. And it wasn't just bold and daring millennials - honeymooners looking for a romantic getaway, all three generations of a family, first-time solo female travellers, and even a pregnant mother with another toddler in tow have gone Anywhr! Of course, we had our fair share of challenges and naysayers. But a certain traveller’s message to us after his Anywhr trip showed us why we should keep going, because our purpose is best found in the stories you tell.

In traveller Yi Liang’s words: “I signed up for this trip because work was getting on my nerves and I needed a break somewhere, anywhere. I told them just as much and they gave me exactly what I needed, [sending me to] a super off-the-beaten track location that I'd never have found on my own.”

“Did I expect to be pedalling my bike in complete darkness alone on a village dirt road? No, but I'd have missed an incredible sunset if I didn’t. Was I disappointed when my host couldn’t take me to a boxing match because plans changed? No, but neither did I expect to party with locals at a steamboat joint instead. The fact is, if I wanted everything to go as planned, I'd have arranged the trip myself. But what's the fun in that?”

Anywhr, A Year On.

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When you book a trip with us, it's not just a convenient way of getting flights and accommodation. In the past year since our launch, Anywhr has grown into a movement that’s bigger than just the service it provides. By crafting trips that cater to your preferences, we’re the hand you hold as you close your eyes and jump into a journey of discovery. A journey that will liberate and empower you to continue chasing adventures throughout your lifetime, and to see the value in exploring the vast universe outside of your own.

At all corners of the globe, there’re treasure troves of unique places and individuals with stories waiting to be told. Embrace your inner spirit of exploration, like a child experiencing the world for the first time again. Start a new chapter of your life, Anywhr. - Zelia

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