From Singapore to Anywhr: Use YouTrip For Your Travels!


“How do I prepare the foreign currency I need for my Anywhr trip when I only find out my destination at the airport? What if I want to exchange foreign currencies beforehand for a better rate than at the airport? What if I can’t find a place to change my cash at the destination?” We hear and understand your concerns as an excited Travellr!

Although we recommend places to exchange your currency in the personalised Travelogue you receive prior to departure and provide you with some foreign cash in case of emergencies, sometimes you might still feel that it’s not enough to begin with.

Anywhr has partnered with Singapore’s first multi-currency travel wallet, YouTrip to give you the answer to this problem! If you’re a Singaporean citizen, Permanent Resident (PR) or foreigner residing in Singapore, you can apply for your very own YouTrip card.

Source: YouTrip

Source: YouTrip

YouTrip is a multi-currency travel wallet supported by EZ-Link and linked to Mastercard. It allows you to pay in more than 150 currencies when travelling abroad, without incurring any conversion or hidden fees. 

There are 2 components to YouTrip - the mobile application and the physical card. The mobile application allows you to link a debit or credit card to top up SGD into the account and convert it into 10 different foreign currencies at wholesale exchange rates. The physical card allows payments to merchants that accept Mastercard.

How it works

  1. Download the YouTrip application on your smartphone and enter the code “ANYWHR” to receive $5 credits (YouTrip is currently holding a giveaway* where you stand to win $50! Details are at the end of the article.)

  2. Submit your details and wait for your free physical card to arrive (Note: It takes about 1-2 weeks for your card to be delivered to your mailing address, so you might want to sign up for your free card as early as possible!)

  3. Once the physical card has arrived, follow the instructions to activate your YouTrip card and you’re all set to head to any destination Anywhr handpicks for you based on your preferences.

Source: YouTrip

Source: YouTrip

How to use YouTrip on Anywhr Trips?

  1. Once you have received your physical YouTrip card, link a debit or credit card to top-up up to SGD$3000 into your account via the YouTrip app.

  2. Convert your SGD to any of the top 10 currencies available on the mobile application. If you do not see the currency that you want to exchange on the application, fret not, the SmartExchange™ technology automatically exchanges at the prevailing wholesale exchange rates when you spend overseas.

  3. If you need cash overseas, you can withdraw local currency at all overseas Mastercard, Maestro or Cirrus ATMs with your YouTrip card at wholesale exchange rates. A withdrawal fee of SGD5 or foreign currency equivalent will apply.

Use YouTrip Anywhr you go

With YouTrip, have the ease of mind when making payments as you travel with Anywhr!

1. Cafes/Restaurants

Making payments with your YouTrip card is convenient and easy. Simply swipe or insert your YouTrip card when you’re at brunch. Track your expenses more accurately as YouTrip will send you an instant notification for every transaction you make!

Source: Unsplash

Source: Unsplash

2. Shopping Malls

Taking a getaway vacation is all about indulging in life’s greatest pleasures, and there’s something thrilling about not having a care in the world while you swipe your credit card and splurge on vacation. With your usual banks and credit cards, however, there is an additional charge of 2.5-3% when swiping your card overseas, which can really be a downer when you’re making higher-value purchases. 

Source: Youtrip

Source: Youtrip

When using YouTrip, there are none of those additional costs or transaction fees, leaving you with more cash to spend on your trip rather than wasting it away on administrative fees implemented by other banks. 

3. Groceries

Trying to keep your travels low budget? One of the best ways to save money when travelling is to prepare your own meals. With YouTrip, it doesn’t matter if you’re low on cash – just grab your groceries and tap to pay with your YouTrip card. YouTrip comes with contactless payment, and that makes paying for groceries so much more convenient, all you need to do is grab, tap and go! If you’re staying in a homestay, learning new local recipes from the hosts could also leave you with rich experiences on your Anywhr travels! 

Source: Unsplash

Source: Unsplash

4. Rideshare

No more fumbling around with foreign cash to pay your Uber driver when you’ve got your YouTrip card! Simply add your YouTrip card as a payment method in whichever rideshare application you fancy and you’re good to go! Hail yourself a ride, board and explore your destination effortlessly as you complete the Missions in your personalised Travelogue

Source: Xin Yee

Source: Xin Yee

A YouTrip card is definitely a must-bring on your next trip as they have got you covered financially. Save the worry over what currency and how much to bring, with YouTrip’s convenient top-up and SmartExchange™ technologies!

YouTrip is currently holding a giveaway contest where you stand a chance to win $50 YouTrip credits. Here’s how you participate:

  1. Sign up for YouTrip by downloading the app.

  2. Use the ‘ANYWHR’ promo code and get $5 YouTrip credits.

  3. 5 winners* will be chosen to walk away with $50 YouTrip credits!

*Winners will be announced on 30 September 2019.

Head over to YouTrip, apply for a card and rake in those credits before you take off on your next trip Anywhr!