Hate Surprises? We've got the perfect job for you.

Anywhr Surprise Travel Curator Hiring Singapore Job

Dream of spinning a globe or throwing darts on a world map, and getting the next flight out to wherever your pin lands? Here's your chance! Anywhr is looking for Asia's 1st and only Surprise Trip Curator, where you'll get to decide and plan surprise trips for our travellers, and go on trips yourself! No more being a mindless drone when your next job is full of spontaneity, surprises, and travelling - the ultimate joy of being alive.

If you think you got what it takes, apply here or read on to understand what the job entails.

1. Play Travel Matchmaker

From 2D1N getaways to 2 weeks of luxurious adventure, it's all for you to plan and decide. Destinations should be decided based on a variety of factors such as weather conditions and travellers' preferences. How to fail at this? Book a trip to Bangkok and suggest Chatuchak in the Travelogue, and you can pack your bags... home.

2. Be the catalyst for the perfect trip

Anywhr only books travellers' flight and accommodation, because we believe that a destination is best explored without any preconceived expectations. Travel is all about getting lost, meeting locals, and escaping your comfort zone. That is what we want our travellers to do - seeing things with fresh eyes and making new discoveries. You should ensure that their trip allows all of that. It's not as easy as swiping right; it takes a lot of analysing, thought, and research to planning the perfect surprise.

3. Travel Anywhr in the world

All Anywhr destinations are quality-assured to ensure that trip conditions are safe and accommodations are clean and suitable. Besides a vast network of local partners and booking only with reliable airlines and hosts, the Anywhr team also goes to strategic destinations for site visits and to meet our local partners. We do not print enough money for you to go on trips everyday, but can promise that travelling will definitely be part of the job!

Who is the perfect Surprise Trip Curator?

You should be someone who loves to overthink, analyse, and never leave anything to chance. If you book a train that departs only 30mins after the traveller's flight lands, because they 'might be able to rush for it', then you can stop reading this and just book a trip with us instead to see how it's done. The Surprise Trip Curator should also live and breathe detailed, well-thought planning, with the traveller at the heart of it all. We'd love an experienced traveller who has booked trips of their own, and of course someone who bleeds exploration and discovering new cultures.

Think you can tolerate (work with) us?

Think you can tolerate (work with) us?

If you hate surprises, love to work in a small startup and squeal a little every time you book a flight or hotel just because #travel, we've got the perfect job for you.