This Travel Companion Lets You Travel To A Thousand Places - For Free.

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.
— Dr. Seuss

Whether is it a delayed flight or being stuck on an inhibited island alone, this perfect travel companion takes you places, worlds, and dimensions. All you need is your imagination. Yes, we are talking about the real deal - a hardcopy book. Forget the outside world, and dive into another realm or step into the shoes of a character you would almost think it's alive. Books take you across worlds and planets, letting you travel to a thousand places without even leaving your seat or having a million bucks.

Besides online stores that take weeks to ship the usual titles, stores like BooksActually provides a unique title selection from local authors, making you feel like home even when you're reading it on a beach getaway miles away.

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Here are some reasons why a book is the perfect travel companion, whether you're physically or mentally travelling, or both.

Source: ThoughtCatalog

Source: ThoughtCatalog

No Wi-Fi, No Problem

No phones allowed on a plane? The Wi-Fi went out in your hostel while it's pouring outside? Turn the restlessness into some quality me-time with you and your latest read. The inside world of books can be as exciting as the one outside waiting to be explored. 

Source: Chuttersnap

Source: Chuttersnap

Anytime, Anywhere

Be it carry-on baggage, in your daypack, crumpled and stuffed in a rucksack or tucked under your shoulders while strolling to the beach, books can be taken everywhere for some instant entertainment. No loading is required with this trusty travel companion.

Source: Lacie Slezak

Source: Lacie Slezak

Dream, Not Drown

Like a meaningful song, books let you dream and interpret your own meanings to the authors' words. So the next time you're waiting to check into a hotel, instead of mindlessly scrolling through Facebook drowning in all those empty information on cat videos, let your mind dream while flipping through the pages of a good book.

Source: Rathish Gandhi

Source: Rathish Gandhi

Turn On Introvert Mode

We all need to unplug from the outside world sometimes. A book is also handy when you're travelling with a group and simply want to take a break from socialising, or just want to relax and avoid conversation with your seat mate on the plane. The classier alternative to plugging in headphones is to grab a book and sit by the window, letting the passing clouds keep you company on your literal adventures.

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Travel For Free

Not enough leave or school holidays to travel? Trying to cut down on frivolous spending to save for your next surprise holiday? Go anywhere you want, anytime with a book. Skip between realms, characters, and time. The best investment to help you learn, dream, explore, and discover. Best of all, it's free!

So whether you're wondering what else to pack on your next Anywhr trip, or simply want to rest your eyes from the digital world, grab a book to visit a thousand places and let your imagination do the rest of the work.