How To Have A Couple Trip As Perfect As Your Other Half

Travelling with your other half, be it for the first time or just another of the many yearly trips, is all romantic, exciting, and full of hopes and dreams for a prettier IG feed. However, a couple trip can also turn from a fairytale into a nightmare that is beyond the 'gram, if you take it too easily that life on the road 24/7 next to each other will be the same as that of your routine lifestyle back home.

Here are some realistic tips are sure to make everything from that short weekend getaway or that surprise adventure trip a holiday filled with happy memories.

Couples who travel together are more likely to stay together and feel more connected. (2).jpg

Define Expectations

Even if it's just a quick three-day trip over the long weekend, everyone has their own expectations of that perfect holiday. While getting excited and kept wide awake the night before your flight, think about what you dream of while lying on the bed, imagining your next few days at that foreign destination. You might wish to hunt down and savour every local street snack possible, but your partner might yearn to just relax and forget it all while lazing on the beach. Before your trip together, find out what each other wants to 'accomplish', and ensure a compromise is met.

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Break Up (Your Activities)

If you're unable to complete everything you had both set out to do, then you should be prepared to be perfectly fine doing it without the other by your side. If a museum visit fascinates you but bores the hell out of your significant other, then just go do it on your own! The enjoyment and satisfaction is guaranteed to be a lot more than having them nagging "Can we go now?" every few minutes. This advice was given to us by an elderly couple who travelled around the world together for 30 years, and has since prevented lots of fights and "You don't care about me" tears.

Find Time For Comfortable Silence

Quite often, we find our holidays just being a mad rush to check things off a list. Be it shopping for the trendiest souvenirs, or making it to every tourist viewpoint to take the best selfies or #OOTD. Having a trip that's busier than your daily office meeting schedule can be tiring, pointless, and even damaging to your relationship. If you're guilty of rushing your boyfriend/girlfriend to hurry up to get to the next attraction, then you probably need to find time for some comfortable silence together. Spend some quality time simply relaxing at a cosy cafe or take an extra few minutes savouring your breakfast instead of hurrying through it, and you'll find that the smallest moments are actually the sweetest.

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Change Your Travel Perspective

After going through those few tips, you'll realise that travel is all about perspective. Expectations are overrated, and quality time is much more precious than queuing up for cute biscuits under the scorching sun while being pissed off with each other. While we might not remember much about that well-planned day spent conquering all the famous shops to buy temporary happiness, memories forged together while getting lost, speaking with new friends, or making new discoveries will be what comes to mind even in years to come.

Oh yes, and it's a fair game if you make your next couple adventure an Anywhr surprise trip, where you let go of the urge to take control together and only have each other to enjoy the journey with. After all, that's all that matters in this one wild journey of a lifetime with each other.