Solitude Isn't Loneliness, Travel Solo To Learn The Difference



  1. Sadness because one has no friends or company.



  1. The state or situation of being alone.

Loneliness and solitude, two words so similar that one’s used too much and the other not enough. With introverts embracing their natural inclination to do things alone (some/most of the time), solo travel is taking off (pun intended) as the wallflower has become as cool as the social butterfly.

Everyone knows someone that’s all about solo travel, it’s either themselves or a friend that’s always off backpacking or lounging by the beach free from the burden of the corporate rat race… and relationships. A temporary, but very important break from “all of it”. Are you/they sad and unhappy? Not the slightest bit.



Reasons Why People Choose Not To Travel Solo

#1. “I’ll be lonely and bored”

That’s what boring people say. At first glance, you’ll be alone, but spend a little more time thinking about it and you’ll realise you’re surrounded by people. Endless opportunities to strike up a conversation and make a new friend or two. 

We tend to stick to what we’re comfortable with (best friends), mingle less and close ourselves off outsiders when we’ve got company. Besides, with six billion humans you won’t find yourself on short supply of people to talk to. And if you’ve actually got personal interests, you’ll be able to indulge in them all you want… spend a whole day wandering a museum or the streets. It’s your holiday!

#2. “It’s dangerous”

If you leave common sense at home. Everything comes with its inherent risk, and it’s my firm belief that travelling solo is as risky as you let it be. Maybe don’t walk down a dark alley? Or fall for hustling locals offering things that seem a little too good to be true?

If you still find yourself clueless and worrying, immerse yourself in National Geographic’s “Locked Up Abroad” and “Scam City”.

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Why Solo Travel

Live by the phrase “You’ll never know till you’ve tried.” and you would find yourself wondering “what if?” a whole lot less.

So don’t limit yourself, and if you still find yourself in need of some coaxing to take that first solo trip, here are a few good reasons that are backed up by legitimate psychology.

#1.  Find Your Own Way And Opinions

Every wondered why people that fall under “creatives” in their career are often introverted? You know, the friend that’s a designer, writer or some other arts major that was always sorta going against the grain? Because being alone — solitude — is when you can think deeply.

#2. Take A Break

I don’t know about you, but every so often, I find the space between my ears filled to the brim. Overflowing with too much information, tasks and for lack of a better word, crap.

Going on a solo trip is an extended opportunity to disconnect from… everything. Friends included. Think less and immerse yourself in a new culture and you’ll find yourself refreshed, more eager than ever to catch up with friends and get cracking on tasks you’ve set out to accomplish.

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Source: Giphy

Source: Giphy

#3. Stronger Through Solitude

Solitude can make you stronger, it’s freeing and develops independence in a whole lot of different ways. You’ll be less like a part of a herd of wildebeest getting by and simply existing through “swarm intelligence” and more like some other animal that’s got a little more personality and adaptability.

And if hopping onto the next flight to destination unknown all on your own is a little too daunting for you — ease yourself into the whole solitude thing by having a meal alone (in public). A meal with nothing but your own thoughts is what everyone needs every now and then.

If there’s one takeaway from reading this, know that as long as you weren’t bullied or forced into being alone, you aren’t lonely or anti-social. Because solitude isn’t loneliness, so let go and go solo.

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An advertising creative by day (and too many nights), I think, write and create for a living. Born in a city but raised wild, I’m a part-time outdoorsman, and when unshackled from my desk – I move.

An advertising creative by day (and too many nights), I think, write and create for a living. Born in a city but raised wild, I’m a part-time outdoorsman, and when unshackled from my desk – I move.