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Explore The Land Of Kimonos With Anywhr!

Take a trip to the land where Kimonos are respected, not trademarked! The Anywhr experience now takes you directly to Japan to experience the true culture behind these traditional outfits that have spanned decades of rich history and culture. As for the exact city we’ll send you to, that will be revealed when you receive the Travelogue!

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Anywhr Insider: Felix on Two Years of Going Anywhr

Anywhr Insider is a Project #GOANYWHR blog series contributed by members of the Anywhr team. We write of our personal reflections, lessons learned about our craft and industry, and the lesser-known sides of our global journey to change the way people live through travel.

To kick start the series in 2019, here’s a reflection by Anywhr’s Co-Founder Felix, on his journey of building and growing Anywhr the past two years.

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