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7 Ways 20-Somethings Should Be Spending Their Youth

You’ve either got your paper qualifications or you’re in the midsts of mugging for them, but are you ready for life? The schools and parents can only tell (nag) us that much about the ‘real world’, but this one life is for you to live with wild abandon. Before drowning in the usual adult talk about savings, insurance, and signing those nuptials, this is how every 20-something year old should be spending their youth.

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4 Simple Reasons Why You Must Take a Grad Trip

You are a few months away from graduation, an awesome phase in your life is about to be over and you still have no clue how you are going to be able to step into the so called ‘Adult World’ that we have all been hearing about. You may think “I am so not ready for this” or “I need more time!”, but let’s face it, you can’t avoid this major change that is about to hit you in a few months. Cherish these last few months as a student and take the trip that most graduates look forward to. If you need a nudge, here are 4 simple reasons why you must take a grad trip!

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