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Get Ready For Your Journey Anywhr With Carousell!

As a bespoke travel curator, Anywhr takes your hands off the planning when you travel with us. There's one thing we can't do for you though: pack your luggage! We’ve partnered with online marketplace, Carousell to share some travel essentials for when you travel. Join our List-and-Win contest with Carousell and stand a chance to win an exclusive Anywhr voucher worth $210!

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4 Must-have Travel Traits Every Brit Should Have on Their Travel Checklist

We all know the basic checklists when preparing for our trips — passport, comfortable clothes and shoes, toiletries, universal adapters, the list goes on — but often at times we forget one of the most important things to bring along: the right attitude! Here are four traits that we believe are important for every Brit should equip themselves with to have a good time and the right attitude while travelling.

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Travel Essentials 101: Student’s Edition

Travelling can get tricky especially when you don’t have the right things to make life easier and I know for a fact that being a student traveller means that you are not seasoned enough to remember exactly what to pack. Besides, your itinerary is most probably going to be a spontaneous and action packed one. So, I am sure you don’t want to be missing anything when you are out there.  

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