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Travelling Incognito - Maximising your Anywhr Experience

You may have had your fair share of previous ‘localised’ travel experiences where you moved around as a local would - but somehow you haven’t quite mastered the art of travelling truly incognito, blending in so seamlessly that even the locals think you’re one of them. In this article, Sarah shares with you some practical tips you can adopt to really put the local in your Anywhr Experience.

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Travel Essentials 101: Student’s Edition

Travelling can get tricky especially when you don’t have the right things to make life easier and I know for a fact that being a student traveller means that you are not seasoned enough to remember exactly what to pack. Besides, your itinerary is most probably going to be a spontaneous and action packed one. So, I am sure you don’t want to be missing anything when you are out there.  

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