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Anywhr Insider: Felix on Two Years of Going Anywhr

Anywhr Insider is a Project #GOANYWHR blog series contributed by members of the Anywhr team. We write of our personal reflections, lessons learned about our craft and industry, and the lesser-known sides of our global journey to change the way people live through travel.

To kick start the series in 2019, here’s a reflection by Anywhr’s Co-Founder Felix, on his journey of building and growing Anywhr the past two years.

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What's Your Zodiac's Travel Fortunes for The Year Of The Dog?

We looked at the stars... or was that the sun? And have been blessed with blinding—and quite frankly unignorable visions of the travel fortunes of all Zodiac signs for the Year of the Dog. Our visions are supported and backed by credible sources such as the fortune teller that reads palms just below my office after 7 p.m. Perhaps I should also ask him to predict my surprise travel destinations before I make the booking for my weekend getaway! 

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How Not to Spend Your Year-end Bonus

It’s that time of the year again – a season that we’ve all been waiting for. While we enjoy seeing an extra month’s pay in our bank account, this happiness is usually short-lived. Often, our bank account seems to undergo a period of recession rather than economic boom. This is despite having countless of articles advising us on ways to spend your bonus wisely – saving for retirement, investing, buying insurance and more.

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