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Anywhr’s 2020 Travel Leave Cheat Sheet: Singapore Edition

Instead of Googling for the best places to go in Singapore during the long weekends and Public Holidays next year, take a trip Anywhr, and you’ll not have to plan anything. Anywhr gives you our travel hacks for making 2020 the year of trips abroad and no more Monday Blues. With our handy guide that lets you know the best days to apply for work leave, get out your calendars and start marking those dates down!

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#TravellrStories: Getting Lost (On Purpose) With Guillemette & Monica

From singing karaoke with a bunch of random travellers they’d just met to getting lost on purpose in the streets of Destination X. These globetrotters had the time of their lives on an Anywhr weekend trip. Check out what else Europeans Guillemette and Monica got up to when they flew from Switzerland to an uncharted destination!

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Travel By Your Stars | Anywhr Astrology

A language of the sky, astrology lets us realise our strengths, inner potentials, personality types, and even the way you travel... all through our star signs.  Find out which sort of Anywhr Travellr you are based on your horoscope! What’s more, figure out who you’re compatible to travel with on your upcoming trip Anywhr.

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#TravellrStories: Abdullah Gets a Taste of Solo Adventures in Europe

Anywhr Travellr Abdullah takes himself to dinner while on a solo experiential trip in Europe. By discovering how to enjoy his own company, he succeeded in letting go and going with the flow on his vacation. Read all about his travel adventures, from trying out traditional food, mingling with the locals and taking on our personalised Missions!

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Anywhr Insider: Felix on Two Years of Going Anywhr

Anywhr Insider is a Project #GOANYWHR blog series contributed by members of the Anywhr team. We write of our personal reflections, lessons learned about our craft and industry, and the lesser-known sides of our global journey to change the way people live through travel.

To kick start the series in 2019, here’s a reflection by Anywhr’s Co-Founder Felix, on his journey of building and growing Anywhr the past two years.

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Travelling Incognito - Maximising your Anywhr Experience

You may have had your fair share of previous ‘localised’ travel experiences where you moved around as a local would - but somehow you haven’t quite mastered the art of travelling truly incognito, blending in so seamlessly that even the locals think you’re one of them. In this article, Sarah shares with you some practical tips you can adopt to really put the local in your Anywhr Experience.

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