The Anywhr Traveller Spirit Animal Guide: What's Yours?

Spirit Animal

  1. An animal that chooses you or one that you choose to be a guide through life, and even travel.

“THAT’S MY SPIRIT ANIMAL!” — said every millennial. Whatever it may be your spirit animal is much less a choice, and more like your furry, scaly or feathered doppelganger. 

#1. Swallow

Source: Birdeden

Source: Birdeden

The tiny populous bird has long been a symbol of freedom, hope, family, care, affection, adorning the skin of sailors in the good ol' days and now, flocking to many-a-hipster. During their flights to distant lands, they don’t take well to changing (harsher) climates.

  • Average socially normal traveller

  • Enjoys adventure, but nothing too hardcore

  • Plans trips thoroughly or suffers otherwise

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#2. Orca

Source: National Geographic

Source: National Geographic

Also known affectionately as “Killer Whales”, Orcas are downright badass. Why? Because they’ve got a great balance of EQ and IQ. Everyone respects them… even Great White Sharks lest they want to get hurt real bad. With all this badassery they still understand the importance of teamwork and family. They travel far and wide and can be found doing their thing in every ocean, sometimes rivers — and even beaches.

  • The 1% (the looks, the brains and monies)

  • Aura of untouchability

  • Will travel just about anywhere and do the seemingly impossible

#3. Siberian Tiger

Source: iNews

Source: iNews

Illusive, the Siberian Tiger is the biggest of the big cats. Preferring solitude, they’re always roaming but travel relatively short distances compared to its peers on this list. “You do you” — that’s probably what the millennial Siberian Tiger would want everyone to know.

  • Solo traveller

  • Independent — would kill to maintain personal space

  • Doesn’t judge trips based on extravagance or distance

#4. Salmon

Source ABC News

Source ABC News

Serial travellers, salmon take things to the extreme — like swimming upstream, dodging a gauntlet of hungry bears, etc… . Besides having strikingly different coloured flesh that's tasty as much as it is different, salmon adapt well to the salinity (saltiness of water) of their environment and pretty much spend their lives doing everything someone/thing that wanted to live really long wouldn’t do.

  • Extreme outdoor adventurer

  • What are limits? Wouldn’t mind dying doing what you love

  • Adaptable and comfortable anywhere you find yourself

#5. Great White Shark

Source: The Sun UK

Source: The Sun UK

Lovers of the sun, surf and sea. Great White Sharks can be found catching gnarly waves, and seals… lots of seals. They’ll travel just about anywhere to soak up the sun, from California to far-flung corners of the Pacific. Pretty badass in their own right, but a rung below Orcas.

  • Beach lover (not limited to beach resorts)

  • Spends the entire holiday by the beach and has said “Killer (waves) duuude” for real

  • Outsiders think you’re too cool to approach, but you’re just misunderstood

#6. Wildebeest

Source: World Atlas

Source: World Atlas

Annual road-trippers, their tour of Africa has been dubbed “The Greatest Show on Earth”, like a nightmarishly enormous tour group (approximately 1.5million wildebeest). Sorta’ adventurous, but not the best when left alone. With recent studies showing that the herd possess “swarm intelligence”. So while lots of them get eaten by crocodiles and other animals with sharper teeth… they get by.

  • Group road tripper

  • Follows a schedule, plan and overused itinerary

  • Saves up for big trips every year and uploads really dope pictures for the gram    

#7. Donkey

Source: Pixabay

Source: Pixabay

Also known as the “Ass”, really stubborn, crazy good survival instincts that are heaps better than horses (because it’s stubborn), can’t be swindled into doing dumb things that would cost it its life. Loyal af once you gain their trust, will go anywhere and will travel the world with you.

  • Budget traveller

  • Life-hacker, wary of scams and a penny pincher

  • You’re a really great backpacking buddy to have (once your peers get used to your quirks)

#8. Chollima

Source: ABC News

Source: ABC News

The Asian Pegasus… or is the Pegasus the Grecian Chollima? The name “Chollima” literally translates to “the thousand mile horse”, it has wings, too swift and elegant to be mounted by any mortal man (we’ll see about that), an important symbol of the DPRK (the not fun Korea).

  • Instagram influencer (wannabe)

  • Vacations are purely for the gram

  • Everyone knows it’s all for show… except for your legion of followers

#9. Wandering Albatross

Source: Discover wildlife

Source: Discover wildlife

The biggest flying animal on Earth destroys all “Gold Class” frequent fliers, and can travel around the globe in 46 days (makes “Around the World in Eighty Days” look like a joke). The wandering albatross pair up with a partner for life and take the coolest couple trips.

  • Travel couple

  • You go on seemingly perfect couple trips

  • A constant reminder to your single friends that “two is better than one”

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#10. Llama

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

Friendly, pleasant to be around, curious and they'll kick, spit and neck wrestle the ones they consider "one of them". Best known for being hardy pack animals that'll go anywhere, they’ve also been used as “llama guards” to protect livestock — what can’t the llama do!?

  • Global citizen

  • You’re arguably the perfect traveller

  • Go anywhr, do anything solo or in a group sorta person

We see ourselves in these creatures both real and imaginary (till proven otherwise), announcing our special bond to our legions of followers on social media… because they really need to know. Think of em’ as our take on the zodiac and horoscopes, so which are you?

Who is your Spirit Animal?
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Wandering Albatross
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An advertising creative by day (and too many nights), I think, write and create for a living. Born in a city but raised wild, I’m a part-time outdoorsman, and when unshackled from my desk – I move.

An advertising creative by day (and too many nights), I think, write and create for a living. Born in a city but raised wild, I’m a part-time outdoorsman, and when unshackled from my desk – I move.

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