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Travelling Incognito - Maximising your Anywhr Experience

You may have had your fair share of previous ‘localised’ travel experiences where you moved around as a local would - but somehow you haven’t quite mastered the art of travelling truly incognito, blending in so seamlessly that even the locals think you’re one of them. In this article, Sarah shares with you some practical tips you can adopt to really put the local in your Anywhr Experience.

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Expectations Vs Reality: What To Do When The Idea of Travel Differs From Your Actual Experience

Research on a destination, and you get beautifully curated photos of cafes, lodges, beaches and lakes—all tastefully taken. So Packing your expectations into your suitcase and taking it along on your vacation may not be the best idea. Here are some moments I’ve experienced in dealing with shattered expectations abroad.

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10 Reasons Why Singaporeans Shouldn’t Travel Around Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is home to sunny Singapore and the region has been a hotspot for travellers coming in from different parts of the globe. Despite its tremendous popularity, Anywhr understands that we are all different, and this means each traveller has his or her own preference when it comes to envisioning their perfect vacation. Bearing this mind, this region might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

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5 Travel Tips For The Introvert In You

Have you ever avoided doing any form of social activity while on a vacation? If you have, you might be an introvert. Slow walks on endless trails, opting for window seats, listening to the sounds of the ocean, or just sitting quietly in a cafe; sure, introverts know how to go out and have a good time, but they also need time to recharge and be away from the crowd.

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13 Reasons Why You SHOULD NOT Go On Your First Anywhr Trip

You may have seen photos of your friends opening that brown envelope from Anywhr at the airport for their short weekend getaway from Singapore or exotic destinations off the beaten track. You might have even, at some point of time, wondered, perhaps you could be the one taking that leap of faith, to go on a surprise trip?

*Thumbnail image credit: Facebook - Janene, Blog - Elaine

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How to Gain Confidence While Exploring an Unfamiliar City

If you’ve seen memes showing 'Expectations versus Reality', you’ll know that there are gaps in how we expect things to turn out versus how they actually turn out. They say 'curiosity kills the cat' but as we all know, cats have nine lives; and so do us. We just have to find out how far off 'Reality' is from 'Expectations' - how different can they be? ;)

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