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Destination X: On Ditching Hashtags For Real Experiences

What happens when an introvert and an extrovert go on a surprise trip together? A journey filled with insightful experiences, trying new activities together, to pinching themselves while on the way back to the airport asking, “did we really go to Destination X?!”. Discover what went down at Cherie and Theodora’s first trip together!

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Destination X: On Starting New Beginnings With A Surprise European Island Getaway

This is Jerelyn — the next best thing to do after she quit her job? Book an Anywhr trip - for 11 days, on a solo luxury getaway. As usual, we're omitting the details of Destination X. However, as you might imagine, with an 11 day, luxury booking at our disposal, we were thrilled. Off she went to a destination that in her own words, was 'beyond her wildest imagination'. Expecting to go somewhere in Asia, she (and her curious friends and worried parents) would never have guessed her surprise European island destination! And we wouldn't blame them, for this island away from its more touristy mainland is pretty much locals-only.

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Destination X: On Mistakes (By Us), A Strange Man, and An Exceptional Vacation

Enjoy this handcrafted review of her first Anywhr trip, by Stella.

I booked a trip with Anywhr because I wanted to go on a holiday but didn’t know where I wanted to go. Sometimes you just want to get away, you know? I didn’t have the time or mental energy to even think about where to go, let alone do the planning and booking the flight/accommodation. And to be honest, I fell in love with Anywhr’s concept the first time I read about it.

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Destination X: On Finding Fresh Perspectives From The Unknown

Meet Hidayah and Jaz, Outdoors Camp Instructor and Special Needs Teacher respectively — one is an obsessive planner, the other more spontaneous, but both admitted to traveling to destinations that are perhaps little too well-known. Let’s not forget to mention that Jaz admits to being overly attached to her social media while Hidayah has less of an issue unplugging. Two personalities that complement one another or a travel horror story waiting to happen? Find out about their Destination X experience on finding fresh perspectives from the unknown!

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