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Curated Mystery Books To Match Your Next Anywhr Trip Theme

Anywhr has partnered with mystery book curator The Novel Encounter to handpick 4 titles that resonates with each Trip Theme, to complete your personalised travel experience all the way down to your flight mode entertainment - the good old novel. We hope you’ll also unwrap it only at the airport!

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85 Date Ideas in Singapore

Searching for a list of the best date ideas you can try with your significant other in Singapore? Then look no further. From weekend date ideas to a long romantic getaway, this list is all you’ll need to plan your next date!

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How to Never Have a Bad Holiday

Travelling is idealised as the perfect escape from our very imperfect lives, yet being on a holiday doesn’t grant you immunity to trip-ups and f-ups. But instead of calling in quits, your travel mishaps don't have to ruin your trip. If you’re wondering how, read on and take it from Matt, the guy who’s never had a bad holiday.

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