November 22 - December 21



The Self-Reliant Travellr

As a Sagittarius, you are one of the biggest travelers among the signs. You pine for the moment to travel and view it as a form of freedom.

It is imperative that your trips span multiple cities and involve outdoor activities like catching the waves on a surfboard or kayaking to discover panaromic views. This active and zesty disposition of yours empowers you to take off on solo trips without caring if you’re going to feel lonely, because you know have the capability to make new friends wherever, whenever!

You can get a little antsy when it comes to sitting down and preparing for something, which makes travelling with Anywhr the ideal vacation for you. It’s totally in tune with your carefree and spontaneous personality, and you’d not have to plan anything — the best of both worlds!


Anywhr’s Suggestions

Trip Theme: Adventure
Region: South East Asia
Accommodation: Hostel
Activities: Surfing, Kayaking, Socialising at Happy Hours, Road Trips

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